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Personality-oriented musical psycho-correction


"Personality-oriented musical psycho-correction" belongs to one of the psychological “wings” of music therapy, and is based on multilevel musical activity of a human – a participant of a specific "musical training". A person is immersed in an unusual “musical world”, perceiving him/herself, his/her surroundings and his/her own body as sources and conductors of music. A participant goes through different kinds of exercises and procedures: work with musical images, sings, dances and performs music. All this forms in a person many significant abilities: opens a dormant creativity, develops skills of one’s self-control, generates confidence, as well as solves a lot of physical and psychological problems that prevents communication, personality’s development and self-expression.

"Personality-oriented musical psycho-correction" is aimed at solving the complex psychological tasks that can be grouped in several related items:

1) Normalization of well-being and optimization skills of self-regulation,

2) Flexibility of one’s mind and world perception,

3) Revitalization of creativity,

4) Raising self-esteem, building self-reliance,

5) Optimization of personal and social contacts,

6) Solving problems of personal and professional identity, image, motivational problems.

A central element of the method  is a multilevel musical activity of a client. On the basis of the method there are vigorous forms of interaction among participants (paired and group musical exercises, games), as well as the active “interaction” between a human and music (singing, playing musical instruments, etc.).

The technique was gradually developed through counseling and rehabilitative activities with clients. Initially particular exercises were formed, which, subsequently, were joined together in cycles. In 1993, the technique acquired the features of a cohesive complex. The first, who experienced the impact of the method, were children (pupils in Auxiliary Boarding School № 2, city of Astrakhan) and adults (teachers and educators of the same school). Later cycles of musical psycho-correction classes were offered to students of the Astrakhan Conservatory of music in the form of a two-day group “training-seminar” course. The positive evaluation of the results obtained from the participants of groups, was the occasion for a further, much wider application of the method.

Since 1996, Moscow group, everybody could take part in a training course, regardless of age and profession. Since that time, experimental studies have been taking place, culminating in the thesis "Method of personality-oriented correcting professional development by means of music (on the material of psychologists, teachers, performers-musicians)." The thesis was completed at the “Psychology of work, engineering psychology” Chair, Department of psychology, Moscow State University, under the guidance of Professor A. B. Leonova and was proved in December, 2002. Further the method was enriched with new techniques and forms of work. In 2004-2005 the method was tested again in the framework of the Grant "The personality-oriented correction of the professional development of musicians", supported by the Russian humanitarian scientific Fund, in cooperation with the Government of the Astrakhan region (project No. 04-06-31002).

The first international presentation of the method took place in 1997, in Siena (Italy). Further the method has been repeatedly presented at local and international conferences and seminars. In 2014 a book was published - a reflection of my scientific and practical researches for the last 20 years. (Olga Luchinina. Personality-oriented music psycho-correction. LAMBERT Academic Publishing: Deutschland Saarbrucken 2014. -174 p.). In theoretical and experimental sections of the book the scientific substantiation of personality-oriented music therapy direction is given, as well as the results of using the techniques in the form of “Musical training for personal and creative self-realization”. The practical part of the book contains a description of the specific activities and forms of work.

Elements of the methodology, as well as all the complex as a whole, began to be used by the colleagues – psychologists, educators and musicians, when working with clients, students, as well as for their own self-improvement. For this I’ve been undertaking training and seminars in Astrakhan, Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg, Akhtubinsk, Penza, Stavropol, etc., for many years. As Associate Professor (Docent) at Astrakhan State Conservatory of music, I teach the course in music psychology. In this course I pay attention to music therapy and music psychotherapy techniques that may be helpful to students.

 I’ll be glad to cooperate with all like-minded people in this area. You can contact with me via:





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